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Funny bride and groom figure invitation

Funny bride and groom figure invitation

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  • Material: Stained Glass (colored glass and chromed metal)
  • Occasion: Wedding
  • Generic use: Invitation / decorative figure (you can choose to make the design with a card holder or parchment holder)
  • How it is delivered: In an individual bag, parchment/invitation card, sketches, tickets and gift table tickets.
  • Can the piece be customized: Yes with an additional plate
  • Measure bride dragging groom: 8.5 cm high
  • Estimated delivery time: 12 business days (all final invitation delivery dates will be determined depending on the final design authorization date)
  • Urgent service: Ask our sales team Whatsapp +525517289888
  • Minimum purchase 14 pieces (except bicycle model, that does not have a minimum purchase)

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